Our Mission

We want to help people research better.
We see this goal as two-pronged:
Citavi should be a productivity tool that helps free users from tedious busywork. Citavi should also be an insight tool that actively aids users in developing, structuring, and presenting their own knowledge.

Our Address

Swiss Academic Software GmbH
Florhofstrasse 2, 8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland
Telephone 0041 43 888 2070 (not for support questions)
Fax 0041 44 687 1458
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Our Team


Hans Siem Schweiger
Managing Director, Controlling

Certified lawyer, degree in Business Administration. Professional training as an industrial sales representative.
Located in Meldorf, Germany.
Richtig verzettelt: Hans Siem Schweiger


Peter Meurer
CEO, Head of Support, Program Design

Degree in Information Science. Vocational training in Nursing. Experience in Media and Higher Education Studies.

Ellen Hinrichsen
Software Consultant (German, English)

IT professional since 1994.
Located in Hamburg, Germany.

Sebastian Pabel, M.A.
Software Consultant (German, English)

Degrees in English Literature & Linguistics and Sociology. Experience in academic education.
Located in Bamberg, Germany.

Jana Behrendt, M.A.
Software Consultant (German, English)

Degree in Library and Information Science. Experience in libraries and information centers.
Located in Schwerin, Germany.

Susanne Sitzler, M.A.
Software Consultant (German, English)

Degree in Theater and Film Studies.
Located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Business Development

Jennifer L. Schultz, M.A., MLIS
Key Account Manager (English, German)

Masters Degrees in Libaray and Information Science and Translation. B.A. in English Literature, German Studies, and Global Studies.

Monica Ralls
Key Account Manager (German, English)

Certified Expert for Office and Project Management.
MS Office Application Specialist.
Work experience in the field of academic research and education.
Located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.


Thomas Schempp, M.A.
CEO, Head of Software Development, Program Design

Degrees in History and Sociology. Owner of a database development company from 1999 to 2006. Head of Software Development for Citavi since 2006.
XING - LinkedIn

Marc Eichenberger

Federally certified in application development.

Felix Brem
Development, IT administration

Working in software development since 2000.

Jörg Pasch

Degrees in Chemistry and Financial Information Systems. Working in IT since 2000.

Mirko Lugano

Degree in IT engineering. Working in front-end web development since 2006.

Torben Sudau

Vocational training in application development. Working in development since 2007.
Located in Bremen, Germany.

Daniel Lutz

Working in development since 2013.
Located in Dresden, Germany.


Anja Koslowski
Administrative and Project Assistant

Degree in Horticulture, vocational training in gardening.
Located in Dörphof, Germany.

Program Design

Dr. Hartmut Steuber
Program Designer

Degrees in German Literature, Sociology, History, and Edu­cation. Lecturer in Media and Higher Education Studies. Creator of educational programs.
Located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Jürgen Atzgerstorfer

Studium der Germanistik, Anglistik und Filmwissenschaft, leitender Angestellter in den Bereichen Wissensmanagement, IT und Business Engineering 1998-2018.

Melanie Altenhoff
Graphic Design



French translation: Thomas Colombera

Italian translation: Elena Serturini-Wallbott, Isabella Amico di Meane

Polish translation: Dominika Gajewska, Grzegorz Jarosiński

Portuguese translation: André H. de Paula

Spanish translation: Irene Díez San Miguel

Manual contributions: Dr. Manfred Schluchter

Art and Design Contributions: Roberto Renfer, Verena Segert

Comments and Feedback: Countless Citavi users who have supported us with constructive criticism and suggestions. Thank you, and please keep it coming!

In Latin Citavi means I cited,
in Italian it means you cited and
in Serbian and Croatian, it means all encompassing, all, the totality.