The One-Inch Picture Frame

Large writing projects can often be overwhelming. If you sometimes feel paralyzed by how much you have to do, take a look at the simple but effective tip from novelist Anne Lamott in our latest blog post.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 7/30/2018
Tags: Writing tips

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Work Effectively, Wherever You Are

Summer, sunshine, vacation... as soon as you finish up that one thesis chapter, that is! Sometimes you can't avoid having to take work along with you. When that happens, our ten tips can help you finish by the time you reach your destination.

Created by: Jana Behrendt – Published on: 7/17/2018
Tags: Time management Workflow

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Odyssey of a Journal Article

From our help desk:

How can I find the journal article my professor mentioned? 

My professor recommended a journal article for my research paper... but he didn't mention the exact title, author, or journal name. Now how on Earth can I find it?


Created by: Jana Behrendt – Published on: 7/3/2018
Tags: Finding sources From our support team

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How to use Reference Management Software to Create Bibliographies Automatically

Citation style rules can be frustrating. What if there were a way you could automatically format all the citations and your bibliography instead of tediously having to type all the punctuation marks by hand? Although it almost sounds too good to be true, this is exactly what reference management programs are designed to do.

Created by: Jana Behrendt – Published on: 4/4/2018
Tags: Citation Beginning students

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Three Ways to Read Better on a Computer, Tablet, or Phone

Do you do a lot of academic reading on your computer screen? If so, the information you read might be harder for you to recall later on than if you would read on paper. Our latest blog post looks at some study findings and offers suggestions for what you can do.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 4/4/2018

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Elephants Never Forget - But How About You?

You’ve got a pretty good memory, don’t you? You know exactly what you ate for breakfast this morning, what happened yesterday in your favorite Netflix series, and the findings of the main researchers in your field. Or do you...?

Created by: Jana Behrendt – Published on: 3/27/2018
Tags: Knowledge organization

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5 Things You Should Always Do When Starting a New Paper

Setting Up a Paper-Writing Workflow

Large writing projects can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to do that it can be hard to know where to begin.

One thing that can help is setting up a workflow for yourself. Whether you’re writing your first research paper or already have many behind you, it always pays to take a look at your process and see if there are any areas you can improve.


Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 3/13/2018
Tags: Workflow Beginning students Graduate students

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The Perfect Fit: 5 Steps for Finding Academic Sources without Frustration

The Perfect Fit: 5 Steps for Finding Academic Sources without Frustration

Can't find any good sources for your paper? Feel like you're searching for a needle in a haystack? Then our first blog post was written for you! Follow our five easy steps to stop inefficient searches and start finding high-quality scholarly journal articles on your topic.

Created by: Jana Behrendt – Published on: 2/27/2018
Tags: From our support team Finding sources

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Welcome to Planned Accidents

Planned Accidents is written by the team behind Citavi and reflects a basic premise of our software: better organization leads to better research. If you have your sources and processes in order, you can free your mind for making connections and generating new ideas. Join us every other week for helpful tips, workflows, and strategies that can help anyone who does academic research, at any level.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 2/20/2018

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