Find Sources for your Paper

Instead of googling for hours, use Citavi to search your library's catalogs and research databases for new sources. This helps you find the right texts faster and saves you time and trouble.

Cite Books, Journal Articles, Webpages, etc.

Use Citavi to cite any source you need for your papers. From academic monographs to webpages – with Citavi's Picker you can send citation information for books and webpages from your browser to your project. No more piles of paper or lost print-outs. All with just a click.

Keep on Track and Get Organized

Create an outline in Citavi. While you read, assign your sources, important quotations, and your own ideas to different sections. Refine your outline as you go. When it's time to write, you'll have everything at hand: all your references, quotations, and ideas.

Citavi lets me focus on what's essential: my research. The search and import possibilities save me a lot of time, and the Knowledge Organizer lets me easily structure my work. It's a very well thought-out product!

Robert Rößler, Graduate student in Cambridge, MA

Plan for Progress

Not everything is equally important. A quick look at a book's title or a journal article's abstract helps you set priorities. With Citavi's Task Planner you always know when you want to work on what, and the tasks you've already completed.

Analyze and Cite

Reading a long text? Great! Make note of the most important findings and add quotations to Citavi. Insert them in your paper with just a click, and Citavi will add a citation and an entry to the bibliography.

Write with Style

Well, that you'll have to do yourself. But the citation style requirements for citations and bibliographies? Citavi will take care of them – without you having to do a thing. Citavi offers over 10,000 citation styles – the style you need is sure to be one of them: APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian – whatever you need.

Citavi doesn't just help me write my research papers, it also helps me structure my ideas and thoughts during the preparation phase.

Violetta Ziegler, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

What Do Our Users Think?

In August 2014, we asked over 1300 users why they use Citavi:

65 % Using Citavi gives me greater confidence when completing research projects
70 % Citavi has saved me a great deal of time.
81 % With Citavi I can work more efficiently and in a more organized way.

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