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Citavi in a Nutshell (4:18)

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Introdução Citavi em oito passos (em inglês)

1.Setting up your first Citavi project (3:22)

Learn how to start a new project and how to find your way around Citavi.

2. Adding references to your Citavi project (3:14)

Learn how to add books, journal articles, and webpages to your project and how to generate a list of references formatted in the citation style of your choice.

3. Finding new sources in Citavi (2:05)

Search for new journal articles and books from within Citavi. Also, learn how to work with a group of imported sources.

4. Adding online sources to Citavi (2:28)

Add database results and webpages to your project. Also, learn how to use the Citavi Picker browser extension to quickly add sources to your project.

5. Reading and analyzing in Citavi (3:36)

Read your sources critically. Annotate PDF articles and save quotations, comments, and thoughts which you can later easily insert in your paper or publication.

6. Task planning in Citavi (1:51)

Research projects always involve a lot of tasks. Use Citavi's Task Planner to make sure you don't forget anything.

7. Outlining and connecting ideas (2:13)

The Knowledge Organizer gives you a central place for managing your ideas and quotations. Create an outline for your future paper or publication here and then add your ideas and quotations to it.

8. Writing with Citavi an Word (4:47)

Insert your category system into a Word document and then switch to chapter view to stay focused on the references, quotations, and ideas you want to use in a particular section. Citavi automatically formats your citations and bibliography in the style you select.

Citavi Picker

The Citavi Picker in 5 Minutes (5:00)

Learn how to use the Citavi Picker for Firefox and Chrome in just 5 minutes.

The Citavi Picker helps you send information and sources you find online to your Citavi project: websites, books, articles, PDF files, and quotations.

Vídeos sobre ferramentas especiais (em inglês)

Grouped Bibliographies (6:27)

This video describes how to use the Grouped Bibliographies features available in Citavi versions 5.5 and later. Additional information on the Grouped Bibliographies features can be found in the Citavi manual.

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